Watercress soup with smoked Baltic salmon tartare

The soup:
First, in a saucepan, sauté the onions in oil at low temperature until glassy. Then deglaze with the white wine and pour in the broth and cream. Boil the soup easily down, season with salt and pepper and bind with the mixed cornstarch in cold water.
Now, add the butter and quickly stir it into the soup with a whisk. This brings additional bond.
At the very end puree in the chopped watercress with a mixer or blender and pass the soup through a fine strainer.

The salmon tartare:
Cut the smoked salmon into small cubes, mix it with the other ingredients and shaped it using two small spoons.

Decorate the soup with sour cream, fine roasted bacon and watercress.

The Soup:
dices of a small onion
500 ml chicken or vegetable stock
50 ml white wine
300 ml cream
5 g cornstarch
20 ml of cold water
2 g of salt
a pinch of freshly ground pepper
200 g butter
10 g vegetable oil
500 g watercress

The salmon tartare:
150 g cold smoked Baltic salmon
some chopped chives
20 g fine dices of shallots or onions
5 g of vegetable oil
Hotel Bernstein

The recipe is from:
Hotel Bernstein
Hochuferpromenade 8
18586 Ostseebad Sellin
[email protected]

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