Rügen fish platter for 2 people

Boil and let cool the potatoes. Clean and cut the vegetables and red onion into diamond shapes. Halve the cooled potatoes and fry them in a pan with olive oil until they are golden brown. Add the vegetables and let it cook for about 4 minutes over medium heat. Season with salt and coarse pepper, add some freshly chopped garlic and rosemary.

At the same time season and flavor with lemon the portioned fish and the two prawns and fry them until translucent.

For the white wine sauce: Cook the white wine with bay leaves, peppercorns and allspice until it is reduced by half. After that, pour the broth through a sieve and add the cream. The sauce will become very light if you mix it with a blender.

Arrange the vegetables and potatoes on a serving dish, drape the fish fillets and prawns over the potatoes and vegetables. Sprinkle some white wine sauce over it and garnish with fresh herbs and halved lemons. Serve the remaining sauce separately.
300 g fish fillets (6 servings of approx 50 g) as salmon filet, sea bass, perch fillet, prawns 2
600 g small potatoes
Vegetables for grilling such as eggplant, courgette, peppers, snow peas, 1 small red onion
2 lemons
some garlic, bay leaf, allspice, fresh rosemary, fresh herbs, salt and pepper
250 ml white wine such as Riesling
400 ml cream

The recipe is from:
Panorama Hotel Restaurant Lohme
Dorfstraße 35
D-18551 Lohme
[email protected]

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