Walnut Breaded Deer Cutlets

1. To prepare the breading fill the walnuts in a freezer bag, seal well and crumble coarsely with a meat tenderizer.

2. Grate the dark bread into breadcrumbs and mix with the crushed walnuts. Whisk the eggs.

3. Tenderize the deer cutlets and season with salt and pepper. Then toss the meat first in flour, then in eggs and finally in the walnut breadcrumbs mix. Pat the breading well to the meat.

4. Fry the cutlets in a pan with hot oil until crisp on both sides.

We recommend to serve them with a mashed potato pumpkin mix and seasonal vegetables such as pointed cabbage, Brussels sprouts or turnips.

Tastes great with a Störtebeker Whisky Beer!
8 cutlets from deer à 90 g
4 eggs
100 g walnut kernels
200 g dark bread from the previous day
Salt, pepper
Braugasthaus - Störtebeker Brauquartier

The recipe is from:
Braugasthaus - Störtebeker Brauquartier
Störtebeker Brauquartier
18439 Stralsund
[email protected]

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