Cod roasted with bacon and buckwheat groats

Fillet the cod, season. Cut olives, dried tomatoes and basil. Smoked bacon cut in slices, put on the fillet, add cut vegetables and roll the cod. Put to the oven for 10 mins (steaming-baking in temperature of 160 degrees C). Serve with buckwheat groats with tomato sauce.
0,15 kg cod
0,05 kg smoked bacon
0,03 kg dried tomatoes
0,03 kg olive
0,05 kg buckwheat groats
0,2 kg tomatoes
0,01 kg garlic
salt, pepper
white onion

The recipe is from:
Restauracja „Malta Cafe”, Olsztyn
Lelewela 6A
10-021 Olsztyn
[email protected]

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