Grilled tenderloin steak served on a grandma’s sauce with buckwheat and fried beetroots

Mushrooms fry with onion and cucumber, season with salt, pepper and marjoram. Finally add the cream, parmesan and parsley.
In one portion serve 150g of cooked buckwheat

100g cooked grated beetroot, fry with 20g dandelion honey, 50ml of red wine and a few drops of lemon. At the end add a bit of salt and pepper.
150g tenderloin

grandma's sauce:
300g forest mushrooms
3 onions
100g pickles
marjoram, salt, pepper
100ml cream 30%
50g parmesan

Pałac i Folwark Galiny

The recipe is from:
Pałac i Folwark Galiny
Galiny 110
11-200 Bartoszyce
[email protected]

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