Peel and grind potatoes then peel onion and grind it with potatoes. Next add eggs, flour and spices, then mix all the ingredients together. From prepared dough fry pancakes into gold. Cut ham in slices and stir fry it. Ready pancakes cover with fried ham.

Pomoćka: curd cheese, cream and milk work with a fork and season it. Pour pomoćka on fried pancakes with ham.
Ingredients for Plince:
10 dag ham
1 kg potatoes
3 eggs
1 big onion
½ glass of flour
salt, pepper

Ingredients for Pomoćka:
1 cube of fat curd cheese
3 tablespoons cream 18%
½ glass of milk
granulated garlic
salt, pepper

The recipe is from:
Gospoda "Pod Czarnym Łabędziem"
Mazurska 98
11-513 Rydzewo
[email protected]

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