Raw potatoes tarkujemy, imprints in pieluszcze tetrowej. For imprints
add potatoes boiled potatoes and potato flour. Season with raw meat
spices given above. Form the meat balls and coat them with a potato cake and
thrown into boiling salted water.
Raw potatoes 6 kg
1.300 kg boiled potatoes
marjoram 8g
herbal pepper 10g
natural pepper 7g
salt 80g
game meat 1.400 kg
1.400 kg of pork lard
1 head of garlic
1.5 kg onion
bacon 1kg
natural pepper 10g
salt 20g
potato flour 0.5 kg

The recipe is from:
Zajazd "Piękna Góra Rudziewicz"
Konikowo 11
19-500 Gołdap
[email protected]

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