Pork with mushroom sauce

Wash pork neck, divided into portion (0.22 kg per person) and fry in oil browned. Cover with water (enough water-cover meat). Simmer on low heat. Mushrooms cook for 0.5 hours

Glass broth with cream of chicken soup, mushroom concoction and flour. Add salt and pepper to taste, bring to a boil. Dried mushrooms can be cooked chop finely and add to the sauce.

Chuck steak in mushroom sauce can be given with boiled potatoes, potato dumplings, dumplings made from potatoes (cooked and raw), and all kinds of salads.
0.9 kg of lean boneless pork wide
sweet cream 18%
10 grams of dried mushrooms (forestry)
0.5 cups of flour
Salt to taste

The recipe is from:
Karczma Jagienka
12-122 Jedwabno
[email protected]

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