Wholemeal breakfast bread

Sift flour into a bowl, adding salt, water and crumbled yeast. Knead the dough on a uniform, smooth consistency. Shape into a ball, lightly sprinkle flour and leave to rise (it should double the volume). The resulting dough was divided into two parts.

Note: at the discretion of the dough, you can add the seeds: sunflower, pumpkin, flax, etc.

Each portion was again develop kneading in a roll, then put to a longitudinal
forms of bread lightly greased with olive oil. Each loaf can be gently smeared with
oil and sprinkled with bran or selected grains.

Do the same with the second part and leave to rise again.
Bake at 170 degrees for about an hour.

Enjoy it!

Wholemeal breakfast bread:

0.5 kg of wheat flour - type 500
0.5 kg of whole wheat flour
15 g of salt
600 g of water
4 g of fresh yeast