Saddle of lamb with salad of chickpeas

Lamb season with salt and pepper. On the hot pan add the bacon beef, fry the meat on all sides until golden brown adding garlic and rosemary. Put to the oven (165 st. C) for approx. 8 min, remove, set aside in a warm place for approx. 5 minutes to tie.
Salad dressing: chopped ginger and garlic. Sauté garlic in olive oil, cool, mix with lemon juice and ginger, add salt, pepper and honey.
Warm, cooked chickpeas pour with dressing. Bake the peppers, peel the skin off and cut. Stir with tomatoes, onions, herbs, sesame seeds.
2 saddle of lamb,
sprigs of rosemary,
string beans,
fresh ginger,
red onion,
yellow and red peppers,
black sesame seeds