Stuffed cabbage in tomato sauce

Boil the cabbage leaves and cool it. Fish and bacon grind, add 4 whole eggs, salt and pepper. 2 onions and garlic cut into small cubes, fry with butter, add to the rest and knead well. Finally add hulled groats. Refrigerate for half an hour to cool. Then wrap the stuffing in the cabbage leaves. Stuffed cabbage fry on butter in the pan. Then simmer for 15 min. Serve with tomato sauce.
1 kg fillets of roach,
1 cabbage
35 dkg of smoked bacon,
2 onions
50 dkg of cooked hulled barley groats,
4 eggs,
2 cloves of garlic
Salt, pepper, lemon juice.
Sauce: tomatoes, tomato puree, sour cream

The recipe is from:
Tawerna Siwa Czapla
ul. Nadbrzeżna 11
11-500 Giżycko
[email protected]

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