Rhubarb Drink

Come rhubarb pieces in a pot with water, sugar, mint and lemon.
Boil the mixture up, dimming the heat, foam and cook for 3-4 minutes.
Take it off the heat.
Allow the juice to pull about 15-20 min. and screening it through a fine sieve or cloth.
Put the juice in the fridge and discard the rhubarb rest.
Server rhubarb evening with an ice cube and a slice of lemon.
1 kg rhubarb stalks cut into small pieces
2 l of water
250 g of cane sugar
3 stalks of mint
3 lemons, unsprayed cut into quarters

About 16 glass / 3 liters

The recipe is from:
Sorø Fri Fagskole
Holbergsvej 7
4180 Sorø
[email protected]

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