Einlauf soup

Place the chicken into boiling salted water and boil slowly. Then add vegetables, browned onions , parsley and lovage . When the chicken is tender, remove and strain broth.
In a cup mix flour, eggs, salt until smooth. Pour the liquid into boiling soup or hot soup while stirring.

Serve einlauf soup with chopped carrots and chopped parsley

Ingredients for the broth:
 1 hen
 25 grams of vegetables (carrots, parsley, celery)
 1 small bunch of parsley and lovage
 1 ¾ liter of water
 7 ounces onions
 salt, pepper
Ingredients for the dumplings:
 2 eggs
 7 ounces of flour
 salt (a pinch)

The recipe is from:
Ewa Godyla Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe "EWA" PAŁAC PAWŁOWICE
Pawłowice 58
46-310 Gorzów Śląski Pawłowice
[email protected]

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