Cold Raised Bornholm bread

The yeast is dissolved in cold water. Salt, oil and flour are added.
The dough is stirred well. Keep going until it feels smooth and supple, but still moist.
The dough is placed in raising the basket, sprinkle with flour and covered with film or in a plastic bag so it does not sprinkles in the refrigerator. It must raise from 20 to 24 hours in a refrigerator. Then turn the dough out onto a baking sheet with baking paper and after raising an hour.
Sprinkle a little flour above and bake the bread at 225 degrees for 45-60 minutes - a little less if it is in a hot oven or on the grill ball.
1/2 liters of cold water
15 gr yeast (use dry yeast, follow the instructions)
10 g coarse salt
1 Tbsp. Lehnsgaard Rape
650 gr durum / wheat flour from Bornholoms Valsemølle

The recipe is from:
Bornholms Vinforsyning
Torvet 2
3720 Åkirkeby
[email protected]

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