Herring in camelina sativa oil

Herring soak in water of about 1 hour. (Boiled in water). Herring drain and cut into 3cm pieces.
Prepare covering medium: onion, cut into slices or half quarters add a pinch of salt and pepper heavy with. Slice the cucumbers add camelina sativa oil and juice of cucumbers.
All mix. Lay in a jar and keep in the refrigerator.

herring Without head, gutted, "Matjasy" - 500g (7płatów).
white or red onion - 200g (4 medium onions).
pickled cucumbers - 200 g
the juice from pickled cucumbers - 100ml
camelina sativa oil or wielkopolska camelina sativa oil to flooding - 200ml
black pepper, ground, to taste
the leaves of kale to decorate