Broth Staropolski

Put the mushrooms, carefully cleaned and rinsed into a small amount of boiled water and leave them. Clean the beef and put it in a pot, pour it over with two litres of water and cook. Once it boils lower the flame and cook for about 30 minutes. Gradually add the peeled and washed vegetables (stick the clove into the onion), thyme, pimento, the mushrooms, the chicken meat and the parsley. Cook for another 30-45 minutes, then strain it. Meanwhile prepare the liver, dicing it. Put it into a deep pot and pour it over with the previously prepared broth. Cook again and add small straps of chicken meat and mushrooms. Add pepper and salt for flavour. Depending on the region the broth is served with dumplings, gruel or noodles.
0.5 kg of beef (entrecote is best),
100 g of poultry liver,
1/2 chicken,
1/2 celery,
2 cloves,
branch of thyme,
a few dried boletus,

The recipe is from:
Zaścianek Polski
ul. Asłanowicza 17
08-110 Siedlce Siedlce
[email protected]

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