Mushroom soup

The preparation of mushroom soup can be based on the traditional broth recipe. Once you have the broth add the mushrooms. The boletus found in the forests of Mazovia are ideal to prepare this dish. Wash them carefully and then pour warm water over them. Keep them in the water for 30 minutes. Only then can you start to simmer the water with the mushrooms. Mix the mushroom brew with the broth and cook for about 45 minutes. Add shredded onion and potatoes. You can add cream mixed with a spoonful of flour, but the soup is equally tasty without it. Add pepper and a pinch of salt for flavour. Can be served with noodles (best with lazanki).
A handful of dried mushrooms,
5 l of waters,
1 cube of mushroom bouillon,
1 onion,
10 potatoes

The recipe is from:
Zaścianek Polski
ul. Asłanowicza 17
08-110 Siedlce Siedlce
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