Ham baked in bread

Ham baked in bread is a well-known product of north-west Mazovia region. Formerly called Ciechanowki and Zakrzew Mazovia. This product was characteristic for the minor nobility kitchen and was mainly prepared during Easter holidays. For bread making people used sour dough rye. Only this kind of bread combined with ham gives it specific and unique aroma and flavour.

Raw meat (per 100 kg raw material)
- The ham - 100kg

Brine composition (per 100 kg raw material)
- Peklosól - 25 kg
- Water + ice - 75 kg

Extras (per 100 kg of product)
- Pepper grits - 1kg
- Laurel - 0.30 kg
- Fresh garlic - 0.10 kg
- Herbal pepper - 0.20 kg
- Rye bread dough - 70 kg
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