”Green-legged partridge” hens - Radziwillow

In the interwar period ”green-legged partridge” hens (zielononóżki kuropatwiane) were common in Radziwiłów. ”Green-legged partridge” hen is a Polish breed adapted for natural raising. It cannot be raised in closed rooms. According to scientific research results, carcasses of ”green-legged partridge” hens are characterised by “the lowest fat deposition and the lowest content of raw fat (...) as compared to other chicken breeds” (“Zielononóżka kuropatwiana rodzima rasa kur w gospodarstwach wiejskich,” Wrocław 2003).

The recipe is from:
Dariusz Marcinowski
ul. Topolowa 3
96-332 Radziwiłłów
[email protected]

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