Pancakes starokornickie

1 Milk and ½ glass of water, 2 egg yolks, melted butter, 3 grams of flour so that the dough was pouring. At the end of the foam of the other two eggs. Everything lightly mix. Lubricate the heated pan of bacon rind from. Pour the dough to pancakes were thin. Fry on one and the other. After frying spread with cheese.

Cheese grind in a food processor. Grind 3 egg yolks with 3 teaspoons of sugar until light. Mix together the cheese. Add vanilla or cinnamon. Lubricate cheese pancakes. Make the triangles. Fry in fat. Serve hot or cold with sour cream or with cream and sugar.

1 milk carton
½ glass of water
2 egg yolks
3 grams of melted butter
Enough flour to the dough was pouring out the foam with 2 eggs lightly mix.

20 grams of cheese, grind in a food processor
3 egg yolks
3 teaspoons of sugar
Vanilla and cinnamon to taste.
Pasieka Mała Pszczółka

The recipe is from:
Pasieka Mała Pszczółka
Stara Kornica 119
08-205 Stara Kornica
[email protected]

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