Dark rye bread from Grębków

In the early twentieth century in cereal crops rye took first place. The popularity of this grain has given rise to a variety of recipes for baking rye bread. In the Mazowieckie voivodship in the village Grębków to rye bread people also add potatoes. Bread behaved more moisture and freshness, and the addition of potatoes increased starch content and emphasized the characteristic "rye" taste and smell of bread. Rye – contains higher-quality proteins and has more fibre and milling causes less vitamin loss than other cereal.
Dark rye flour (type 850) from own grain, ground in a nearby mill, potato varieties from the surrounding fields in the vicinity of Siedlecko - Węgrów Protected Landscape Area, salt, yeast.

The recipe is from:
"Pachniczówka" Adrian Pachnik
ul. Polna 2
[email protected]

Production & Processing 
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