Herring in oil from Radziwillow

Herring is one of the most common and the most valued marine fish. It has a high nutritional value, the specific taste and affordable price. Most salted herring marinated in vinegar, with onions and various spices. In order to prolong their durability and improve qualities of tastes they were also smoked. Traditional method of preparing and smoking the herring, passed down from generation to generation, is essential for its unique taste.

Salted herring, kippers traditional wood-fired smoker alder or fruit trees, canola oil cold pressed, dried red tomatoes, garlic, basil, oregano, pepper, apple juice pressed.

The recipe is from:
Dariusz Marcinowski
ul. Topolowa 3
96-332 Radziwiłłów
[email protected]

Production & Processing 
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