Kornicka Lipówka

Gather the lime flowers which are in blossom in the early morning, as soon as the sun rises and dries the dewdrops. Put the flowers into a small bottle and pour spirit and vodka. Cover the bottle and leave it in a sunny place for 7-10 days. At the same time, pour 1 glass of water mixed with 1 glass of spirit or 2 glasses of vodka on 1 glass of honey. Leave the mixture for 7-10 days. After 10 days pour the alcohol from the bottle, squeeze the flowers, and add the alcohol and honey mixture. Allow it to stand for 3 months. The older the liqueur is, the better it tastes.
lime flowers (2 handfuls - 50 g)
½ liter of spirits (95-percent alcohol) or 1 liter of vodka
1 cup (300 g) Honey Lime
1 cup water
Pasieka Mała Pszczółka

The recipe is from:
Pasieka Mała Pszczółka
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08-205 Stara Kornica
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