Honey Sourdough "Happy Romek"

Honey perfectly purified from the wax, add to the water and stir. Bring to a boil to evaporate half of the liquid. Add the cold water and again boil so the half of the fluid evaporate. Collect the foam with a spoon. Add hops - only cones. With hops cook for 1 hour. Pour into a wooden dish and allow to cool. At this time, prepare sourdough. Took a little hops and add two tablespoons of yeast, 2 tablespoons of flour and two cups of liquid. Set aside in a warm place. Add sourdough to cool honey and put in a warm place for a few weeks. Strain the liquid through a flannel and pour into bottles. The longer it stay aside the better it become.
wheat flour
Pasieka Mała Pszczółka

The recipe is from:
Pasieka Mała Pszczółka
Stara Kornica 119
08-205 Stara Kornica
[email protected]

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