Mix the batter ingredients and fry the pancakes. Cut the beef into cubes and fry in a pot with olive oil. Add cooked beans and the remaining ingredients (diced). Add some water and cook until the vegetables are soft. Season to taste and ithicken with flour. Use the stew to fill with pancakes.
Pancake batter:
250 ml milk
pinch of salt
2 eggs
1 tablespoon ghee
flour (as much as the fluid absorbs, so that the batter isn't too thick)
false flax seed oil to lubricate the pan
1 kg of beef
1 red pepper
300 grams green beans
300 grams of beans Korczyński
300 grams mushrooms
300 grams carrots
salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, sweet paprika
oil for frying
Pensjonat "Zamek Dersława"

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Pensjonat "Zamek Dersława"
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