Osso Buco with vegetables and Apple Vinegar

The meat is browned quickly in the butter in a frying pan and set aside. The Vegetables, cut into chunks, are browned in the butter and meat juices and set aside.
Apple vinegar is poured into the pan and reduced, before the meat is returned, the spices added with approx. 2 dl of water, and it's left simmering on low heat for a couple of hours. Then the veg is added, and it's left for another hour. The meat and veg is removed and a sauce is made from the pan juices. A tip, if you turn the meat lightly in flour before frying, it'll add to the thickening of the sauce.
Osso buco - 1 large or 2 smaller slices per person
• 1 tbsp soft butter
• Carrots, onion and leeks
• Juniper berries, salt and pepper
• Apple Vinegar, preferably from Westjysk Smag, aged in old Whisky barrels

The recipe is from:
Westjysk Smag
Holstebrovej 112
6900 Finderup
[email protected]

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