meat-stuffed cabbage

Cabbage brew with boiling water, separate the leaves. Cook the rice (15 min.). Chop the onion, fry in fat. Rice combine with meat and onions and season. Stuffing applied to cabbage leaves, wrap each. Doves placed in a casserole. Wrap cabbage leaves. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes. The same can be done from the leaves of cabbage sauerkraut. Serve with tomato sauce or fried onions for gold.
- kale 2.5 kg
- rice 0.5 kg
- minced pork 1 kg
- onion 5 pieces
- salt, pepper and other spices

Restauracja "Opałkowa Chata"

The recipe is from:
Restauracja "Opałkowa Chata"
Cieszkowskiego 17
59-700 Bolesławiec
[email protected]

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