Braised Leg of goose with apples and marjoram

Mix all the ingredients of the marinade. Feeding meat marinade and rub firmly. Leave for 8 hours in a cool place.
Boil apple juice with apples and dried cranberries and honey. Add 2 tablespoons of fresh or freeze-dried leaves of marjoram. Allow to cool.
Preparing meals:Take out the goose legs from the marinade. Rinse thoroughly under running water and dry on a towel. Fry each leg from the skin to the clarified butter until golden brown.
Place the goose legs in a casserole, wrap pieces of apples and cranberries, pour the duck;s or goose;s fat and about 50 ml of the reconstituted apple juice. Bake in ovens at 120 ° C for 4 h
Prepare the glaze: The rest of the juice to pour through a sieve into the pot and cook for 1/3 volume. In a separate pan, fry the bacon. When will ruddy, pour off the fat, add tomato paste, fry for about 30 seconds. Pour apple juice reduced. Stir. Strain through a sieve. Allow to cool.
Finishing dishes: Legs remove from the oven and spread with prepared glaze. Bake in preheated oven at 180 ° C for 15 min. Goose served with red cabbage and apples braised in mead.
(Recipe for 5 servings)
- 5 pieces of goose legs
- 250 grams of dried apples
- 1 liter of apple juice /best from the company ‘Maciejowy Sad’/
- 1 tbsp heather honey
- 80 g dried cranberries /best from the company 'Runoland'/
- 200 g of clarified butter
- 50 g of tomato paste
- 2 tablespoons of fresh or freeze-dried marjoram leaves
- 2 kg duck's or goose's fat
Marinade the meat :
- 200 grams of coarse salt
- 100 g of raw sugar
- 5 grains allspice
- 3 pieces of bay leaf
- 10 grains of black pepper
- 5 sprigs of thyme
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