Trout from Lądek Zdrój

1. Marinade for trout by chef, which includes:
- Olive oil, garlic, freshly squeezed juice from lemon and spices such as lovage root of self-cultivation, sweet peppers, basil, thyme (home-grown herbs), black pepper and white mustard.
2. Preparation butter for trout, which is used during cooking trout and as a side dish. Composition oleos - real butter 82% fat content of milk, freshly chopped dill and garlic from your own herbal garden.
Trout fry in a pan with olive oil on both sides. Serve it with rosettes potato salad and fresh composition.
• trout
• olive oil
• Garlic
• lemon juice
• lovage root
• sweet peppers
• basil
• thyme
• black pepper
• white mustard
• Butter
• Dill