Czernina (Duck blood soup) with potato noodles

I. Czernina
1. Cook good and tasty stock of duck parts with vegetables.
2. Strain out the stock, add chopped boiled vegetables, prunes and chopped into parts sour apples .
3 Concentrate blood mix with flour and pour the hot duck stock . Spice with salt, sugar and herbs.
II. Potato noodles
Grate potatoes, strain out excess water, add the flour and eggs. Put small portions of the dough into boiling water forming noodles with a spoon .

Strain out the boiled noodles , arrange on a plate and pour the hot blood soup. Enjoy!
I Czernina
Duck blood (concetrate), vegetables, blood soup portions the body of a duck with a cup of blood , potatoes, flour, prunes, apples, fresh and dried herbs
II. Potato noodles
Potatoes, rye flour, wheat flour, eggs, salt

The recipe is from:
Hotel i Karczma "Spichrz"
ul. Mostowa 1
87-100 Toruń

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