Pumpkin soup

If you don't have pulp of pumpkin, pumpkins should be: peel, cut, bake in the oven and mix.

Wash the vegetables and cut into pieces then fry in butter. Remove the seeds from peppers, finely cut, add to the vegetables then fry . Add vegetable to broth and cook until the vegetables will be soft. In the middle of cooking, add the pulp. All blend to a smooth paste, bring to the boil. Finally add the coconut milk and add the cream, do not boil.

Add salt, garlic, pepper, if it is not too spicy, add crushed chilli seeds. Serve with roasted pumpkin seeds, toast or puff croutons.
• pumpkin or pulp of pumpkin 1kg
• 100 g Carrot
• Celery 100 g
• 100 g Leek
• Butter 100g
• Vegetable broth 2000ml
• Chili 1pc
• Coconut milk 100g
• Cream 36% 100 ml
• Garlic, salt, pepper