Domestic goose pâté

Boil goose meat with vegetables. Cool it and remove the bones. Remove boiled vegetables from bouillon. Soak liver in milk for about 15 minutes. Fry a bacon and onion in cubes. Add meat, liver and vegetables to bouillon. Stew it covered for about 15 minutes. Set aside to cool. Grind twice all ingredients with added crushed roll in mincer. Add eggs and spices to ground mass for a taste. Pug very carefully (add bouillon from boiled goose meat if the mass will be too dry). Move mass to greased mold (you can sprinkle it with pepper, marjoram or mixed herbs). Bake it for 40 minutes in 180°C. You can serve prepared and cooled pâtè with cranberry preserves.
• 1 kg of goose meat
• 2-3 l of water
• ½ kg of bacon
• 1 l of milk
• 400 g of goose liver
• 5 eggs
• 1 onion
• 2 carrots
• 1 parsley
• a piece of celery
• 2 wheat rolls
• 2 bay leafs
• allspice, nutmeg, marjoram, salt, pepper
Fundacja Hodowców Polskiej Białej Gęsi

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Fundacja Hodowców Polskiej Białej Gęsi
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