Hot ham with peas

Stage I: ham salting and smoking
Ham rub crushed garlic and salt 30dkg previously utłuczoną and flushed the pan. To wedge the skin with a sharp knife in several places. Yes salted cover plate and leave for 24 hours at room temperature. On the same day we prepare the marinade:
1 l of water remaining 16dkg salt and all the spices. After 24 hours, pour the marinade ham, pressed against the plate and stone and leave for 20 days, keeping in mind the daily rotation of ham. After this time the ham obsuszamy and we smoke.

Phase II: preparation of hot ham with peas
Smoked ham with vegetables cook approx. 1 hour on a very low heat. Then cook peas, we rub it through a sieve watering broth
vegetables cooked with ham. In a skillet cook finely chopped onion in lard, add the peas and fried moment utłuczonym sugar
and ½ tablespoons of salt. Frayed and fried peas arrange on a platter in a mound
leafs and slices of hot ham.

Stage I:
Ingredients: ham with a young pig ok.5kg, 46dkg salt
4 bay leaves, 20 grains of pimento, pepper, juniper, 2 cloves garlic, 3 cloves, 2 grams of sugar, 1, 5 grams of coriander

Stage II:
Per 1 kg of smoked ham, vegetables, onions, peas ½ l, 6 grams of lard,
2 cubes of sugar

The recipe is from:
Zespół Pałacowo-Parkowy Sypniewo
ul. 29 Stycznia 45
89-422 Sypniewo
[email protected]

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