Goose leg stuffed with plums and walnuts, served with roasted beets and potatoes roasted with garlic.

Wytrybować part of the thigh, grind the meat and add the prunes and nuts, season with salt and wrap in aluminum foil and skin. Cook in fat cinnamon, star anise, bay leaf, allspice and orange When flooding leg fat must be hot. Bake for about 10 hours at 80 degrees C.

Burn the person bones and tendons in the oven, pre-rub them with oil. Add to the pot and cover with water, add the vegetables and cook for about 6 hours. Decant and add the dry red wine. Reduce to simmer. The sauce should be thick and aromatic.

Potatoes, season with salt, pepper, fresh-pepper, thyme and oil. Mix and bake until tender at 180 degrees C.

Beets wrap in cling film with garlic, rosemary and oil. After baking, stir-fry in a pan with butter, baste a touch of dark beer and balsamic vinegar, add honey and season with salt.
leg of goose 0.35
plums 0.02
walnuts 0.05
fat goose 0.03
oil 0.05
oranges 0.01
cinnamon 0,001
anise 0,001
bay leaf 0.001
allspice 0,001
honey 0,003
salt 0,003
pepper 0.001
beets 0.25
butter 0.005
beer 0.05
potatoes 0.25
garlic 0.02
Restauracja "Gęsia Dolina"

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Restauracja "Gęsia Dolina"
ul. Nakielska 1A
89-121 Ślesin

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