Carp in cream with raisins

We will pat your carp and cut it into pieces, then coat it with flour. The finished pieces are put on a hot pan. We cook on both sides for so long that the fish will turn golden. After frying, keep the fish in a frying pan and let it out of the fire. Sauté it, pour the cream mixed with wine vinegar and sprinkle the top with raisins. Stew on low heat for 2-3 minutes. After this time, the fish is ready. ENJOY YOUR MEAL!
-Karp 1,5 kg
- Butter 3 dkg for frying
-Smalec 5 dkg for frying
- Flour for fish
-Rodynki 5 dkg
- Sour cream 250 ml
- Salt to taste
-Ocet wine 1 tablespoon