BRUJET  EEL from Split-Dalmatia, Croatia


Fry the onion in olive oil. Add the tomatoes and simmer until half thick. Add the bay leaf, parsley, chopped garlic and hot peppers. Salt and stew 20 minutes. Add the cleaned and sliced eel. Pour the wine and simmer for about half an hour, until the wine has evaporated. Serve with cooked polenta.
Serves 4 people.
1 kg of eel,
1 kg of onions,
3-4 hot peppers,
500 g tomatoes
2-3 dl white wine
2 dl olive oil
1 bunch parsley,
5-6 cloves garlic
salt to taste

The recipe is from:
Restoran Kaštil Slanica
Kanjon rijeke Cetine
21310 Omiš
[email protected]

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