Homemade soup (beef and capon)

Sliced beef meat put into cold water. After 45 minutes of cooking put the meat of domestic capon.
Cook all together for about 40 minutes and then strain.
In strained soup add cleaned and cut root vegetables, put the onions, tomatoes, peppers, garlic and celery, add salt and pepper ... Cover and cook on low temperature for about 35 minutes.
When everything is cooked, remove the meat, and a vegetable soup chop stick blender. Add two tablespoons of olive oil.
Knead the dough out of the flour, salt and eggs . To shape the ball and grate on large grater side.
The cooked soup boil down dough (Tarana)cooked meat serve on a separate plate.
1 kg of beef
1.5 kg local capon
celery leaf
3 onions (onions)
4 garlic cloves
30 grams of carrots
3-4 medium potatoes
1 fresh pepper
2 tomatoes
30 grams of celery root
15 grams of parsley root
salt and pepper
olive oil

Tarana (type of pasta)
10 grams flour
1 egg
pinch of salt

The recipe is from:
Etno eko selo Škopljanci Radošić
Nene Đirlić -Lunića 57
21202 ,Lećevica,Radošić,Škopljanci
[email protected]

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