With all ingredients mix dough in a batter and let it rest, that yeast do its work.
Again mix dough and leave for another 30 minutes. The dough should not be rare.
Warm the oil in a bowl or a deeper pan, must not be too hot to fritters could equally nice to bake, do not burn.
Hand taking a paste and squeezing hands to form small balls that are spoon fed into oil.
When fritters flushed and become brown .and take them out and leave them on a paper towel to drain.Fritters still warm, sprinkle it with powdered sugar and serve.
1 kg of flour
pinch of salt
dry yeast (14 gr)
glass of spirits (50 ml)
2 tablespoons sugar

The recipe is from:
Etno eko selo Škopljanci Radošić
Nene Đirlić -Lunića 57
21202 ,Lećevica,Radošić,Škopljanci
[email protected]

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