Baked bread

Of these ingredients knead the dough and leave it to rise at room temperature. When the dough increases the volume of 2 times again knead it and wait for it to rise again.
Komin / fireplace/is best warm dry smaller branches.
Depending on the quality of the wood to heat it for about 1.5 hours. Dough put on a hearth, and cover the lid, which is heated in the fire and cover the grill mixed with brine and bake 50 minutes.
Baked bread retains the shape of the lid entirely.

"The Kaštil Slanica day starts baking bread under the lid, which is a trademark of our restaurants." say the owners.
2.5 kg flour
60 g of fresh yeast,
50 g of fine salt
2 liters of lukewarm water

The recipe is from:
Restoran Kaštil Slanica
Kanjon rijeke Cetine
21310 Omiš
[email protected]

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