VITALAC is included on the Croatian Republic’s Ministry of Culture’s list of protected cultural heritage.

VITALAC is Offal is washed and ,cut into equal pieces / approx 5x5 cm / .Alternate layers of lights,liver,sweetbread,heart ,salt and let it roast .When the offal is almost roasted,wrap with peritoneum and carefully wrap with tripes .
Salt again and roast until the wrapping gets crisp.
Serve it still warm with home made bread
Bake for about half an hour until the crust becomes golden.

It is served only warm, cut into pieces, usually with two slices of homemade white bread and as appetizer grilled lamb or kid.
Vitalac reflects the desire that the food gets thrown away , but use all the parts .
the offal
- / liver,sweetbread,heart/ of lamb or kid ,/from the milk,/that has not yet grazed grass.
-trippes / does not wash , but the hands squeeze
-peritoneum,/ of the same lamb or kid/

The recipe is from:
Strančica 3
21410 Dol,Postira
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