POLJIČKI soparnik

POLJIČKI SOPARNIK is included on the Croatian Republic’s Ministry of Culture’s list of protected cultural heritage.

The traditional meatless dish called soparnik, zeljenik, uljenak is made from wheat flour, Swiss chard – zelje, onion – kapula, olive oil, garlic, and salt. Its preparation requires two round wooden boards – called sinija. The mistress of the house makes the dough from flour and tepid water, adds a dash of olive oil and a pinch of salt. She finely shreds the Swiss chard and onion, seasons with salt and adds a sprinkling of olive oil. The prepared filling is then evenly spread on one stretched out sheet of pastry and covered by the second sheet. Excesses dough on the edges is cut off and the sheets of pastry are carefully rolled up to become sealed together thus preventing the filling from running out. When soparnik has been prepared in this manner, the woman covers it with another sinija and flips it over so that the rolled up edge of the pastry faces downwards when placed on the open hearth.
Poljički soparnik = Poljički zeljanik = Poljički uljenjak
1 kg flour
hot water
tablespoon oil

2 kg Swiss chard
1 onion (red onion)
salt and oil mixed half and half maslimovo sunflower)

olive oil
finely chopped garlic
OPG Petar Rodić

The recipe is from:
OPG Petar Rodić
Put Vrbica 2,Žrnovnica ,Split
21251 Žrnovnica

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