Good heat the grill. While the grill is heated, cleane and drain fish then dried with paper towels and spice with sea salt. Make the cut trought the length of the fish, along the "bone" and put the salt in the cut. In the heated grill (oiled) put the fish and bake for 5-6 minutes (depending on size of fish). Fish coated with oil and make brush of a sprig of rosemary. The fish turn only once, so that skin remains whole and intact. Carefully, turn the fish and cook the second side for 5-6 minutes. Occasionally oil.
Fish is ready when her eyes are white and gets a light brown or when the meat is separated from the central bone.
Serve fish with boiled mangel.


Quality fish on grill is the most popular and easiest way to prepare. But despite the apparent simplicity, grill requires skill of cook so fish should be neither overcooked, nor stick to the glowing grid. On the contrary it must be enough to roast in the middle and does not remain raw, but juicy. Today, we hold that first taste who came around the same time as the fire on the planet. There are many theories of preparing fish on the grill, some say it is necessary to put the fish on thecold and dry grill, a grill brush with oil, some put water and salt, and some support hot grill ... This is our way:
• fish
• salt
• oil / olive oil
• sprigs of rosemary

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