• They want Bruja

- 1 kg of assorted fish
- 1.2 kg of onions
- 5 g of tomato puree
- Sol
- vinegar
- Parsley
- 2 dl olive oil
- 1/2 head garlic
- 2 dl sherry
- Pepper

Mixed fish cleaned, washed and neatly cut into pieces. Onions chop and fry in oil, and the rest cut into larger ribs. Garlic finely chop. When the onion Shut up, add salt, add the vinegar and boil it. Add the fish, and after a short time, and all other ingredients, except parsley leaf. Pour more water, and simmer for 30-40 minutes all. When brujet finished remove the fish and add gelatin. When brujet cool compresses and put the cubes of gelatin on plate.
Marinated fish and marinades for years an integral part of the Dalmatian cuisine. In times of no electricity and refrigerators, drying, marinating and salting were ways of preserving foods. Guided by this idea, we have created a platter "with rocks and cracks," which includes:
• marinated shark
Today quite neglected while in the past it was common to every table.
After a recovery in milk, shark meat is purified from blood, skin and fat, dry, rolled in flour and fry on all sides in a mixture of oil (sunflower and olive). In the remaining fat fry the pine nuts, chopped onion into slices, garlic and dried raisins. Shark meat goes into a suitable container, and at every turn puts onions, pine nuts and raisins. Finish up with a couple of lemon feta and covered with oil is left in the fridge until needed.

• marinated tuna
(For Tuna 5kg)
For 5kg tuna needs to 350g of salt and a glass of red wine vinegar. The fish are stacked in a pot and put it on the fire to boil. Cook for about two hours, then removed the colander and leave 24sata to drain and dry, while preserving from flies, dust and dirt. Clear / peel the skin, thorn and cleaned pieces of tuna agree in a glass container. Add a few leaves of bay leaf and a few peppercorns. The place is covered fish oil to use.
• oysters
Oysters fresh from the sea open with a knife for oysters and served with a slice of lemon.
• shrimp
Fresh shrimp are cleaned from the shell and the meat obtained from the tail pour olive oil with a "half turn" grinder for salt and pepper.šđćčž


The recipe is from:
Lučica 4
21000 Split
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