Lesley's Arbroath Smokie Asian Soup

I don’t do measures – I do everything to taste, so the following is just a guideline for you.

Simmer 2-3 pints of water with, honey, juice of 1 or 2 limes, some dried Galangal, tamarind and fish (or light soy) sauce to taste.

Meanwhile, using a pestle and mortar (or something that you can bash a few ingredients together!), blend together the garlic, 1 or 2 chilli peppers (with or without the seeds depending on how hot you can take it!), ginger.

Also add lemongrass.

Rip up the Pak Choi

Put the white parts into the simmering water first. Leaving the green parts to be added around 10 minutes later.

Add the coconut milk.

Now add in your cooked Arbroath Smokie. This is where the salt element is replaced by the smokiness of this regional food from the Angus region in Scotland.

Now add in the green parts of the Pak Choi.

Taste and add in anything you feel it may need at this point. More smokiness? More lime juice? More chilli? More honey? I always make sure that I just add in small amounts at the start of the preparation stage and then I have the option to add in more at this point.

10 minutes later, taste again. Taste the white parts of the Pak Choi to make sure they are cooked, although they may still have some bite to them which is fine.

Add in chopped coriander and noodles and simmer for a further 5 minutes.

This will keep for a day but no longer and it really needs to be eaten as soon as it is made for that fresh taste!

ARBROATH SMOKIE (from Angus in Scotland)
Peanut butter
Fish (or light soy) sauce
Chilli pepper
Udon Noodles
Pak Choi
Coconut milk
Ginger and dried Galangal

The recipe is from:
A.S.A.P (Arbroath Smokies Association of Producers)
c/o 46 Ladybridge Street
DD11 1AX Arbroath
[email protected]

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