North Esk Salmon Tian with Glamis Asparagus

Prepare basic fish mousse by blending salmon and egg yolk with the fresh salmon, diced scallops and fish trimmings until smooth.

Gradually pour in the cream, followed by nutmeg and seasoning.

Grease tian moulds and line with the long slice smoked salmon.

Pipe in the mousse, cover with cling film.

Steam for approx 5-10 minutes.

Serve with Glamis Asparagus in a butter sauce with a micro herb salad.
6 Portions

250 g Long sliced smoked salmon
155 g Fresh salmon, filleted

Both from Glen Esk, Angus

275 ml Double cream
1 Egg yolk
0.5 Teaspoon salt
pinch Pepper
pinch Nutmeg
Salmon trimmings, diced scallops and fish trimmings

Glamis Asparagus

The recipe is from:
Gordon's Restaurant with Rooms
Main Street
DD11 5RN Inverkeilor
[email protected]

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