Aberdeen Angus Sirloin with Cheese & Herb Salad & Bouvrage Vinaigrette

Place the oil and mustard in a bowl, add in the Aberdeen Angus steaks, along with the onions. Mix together.

Pre heat a dry frying pan and add in only the steaks to seal. Sear the steaks for 4 minutes on one side and then turn over.

Now add in the onions. Cook for another 4 minutes, searing the undersides of the steak and heating through the onions.

Season and keep warm for around 5 minutes.


Wash and dry the salad leaves and fresh herbs.

Cube the cheese and add to salad, mixing lightly together.

Blend the vinaigrette ingredients together and then drizzle over the salad.

Serve with the Aberdeen Angus steaks accompanied with sauteed potatoes.
Recipe by Wendy Barrie

Serves 2

Rapeseed Oil (30 mls)
Wholegrain Mustard (1 heaped teaspoon)
Aberdeen Angus Sirloin Steaks (2 x 150 g)
1 Onion, sliced
Soft Brie Cheese, cubed
Salt and Pepper

Seasonal salad leaves and fresh herbs


Rapeseed Oil (1 dessertspoon)
Bouvrage Raspberry drink (2 dessertspoons)
White Wine Vinegar
Black Pepper
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