White Bread

In a bowl, mix together the flour , butter and the yeast, mix well
Add salt and mix well.

Add half the water mix your dough, then add a little at a time until it is all mixed in

Place a teaspoon of the oil onto the work surface before placing the dough on

Turn onto the your surface and knead well for 10 mins use the French starch and fold method.

Return to your bowl and cover with a damp towel and rest for an hour till dough has doubled in size. Turn out on a lightly floured work surface and fold to give structure to you dough.

Put oven onto Gas Mark 10, 250C, place your backing sheet in the oven

Place your dough into a 2lb loaf tin and cover again, leave to prove for another hour until doubled in size again.

Spray water into the oven, to create steam, put the loaf in and then spray again.

Bake for 25 minutes or until when your loaf is tapped on the bottom you hear a hollow sound.

Note : You can vary the type of flour you use by using 200g of the strong white and adding the Granary, medium brown, Berrymeal or coarse brown to get different loaves.
500g Aberfeldy strong white flour

40g soft butter

12g sachets fast-action dried yeast

2 tsp salt

about 300ml tepid water (body temperature)

a little olive or sunflower oil
Fresh Food Express Ltd

The recipe is from:
Fresh Food Express Ltd
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