Onsen egg with smoke in the glass

The cooking method has it's origin in Japan, where eggs are traditionally long-term cooked in hot springs.

Cook the egg sous vide style: In a hot water bath at 64.5 °C the egg is cooked for 45 - 60 minutes. The difference between the two cooking times lies in the consistency of the yolk. At 45 minutes cooking time the yolk it is a little smoother, while the consistency is harder at 60 minutes.

The cooked egg is filled together with marinated chanterelles and the homemade parsley pesto into a disposable glass. Add finally the beech wood smoke from the Smoke into the glas. It's a real surprise when the glas is opened at the table.

Check out also the video:
Organic egg
marinated chanterelles as you prefer
homemade parsley pesto as you prefer
bellied disposable glass
beech wood smoke from the smoker
moro restaurant

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moro restaurant
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