Palatine Dampfnudeln (lit. 'steam noodle'; a sort of sweet roll)

Put the flour in a bowl and form a trough in the middle. Sprinkle one heaping teaspoon of salt.
Warm up ca. 200 ml of the milk, it should be lukewarm, and add the yeast, divided into small pieces, let soak. Add a pinch of sugar to it and stir slowly with a wooden spoon until the yeast has dissolved. Now give the dissolved yeast into the flour trough.

If the yeast is fresh, it will slowly begin to ferment, forming small bubbles.

Now heat the remaining milk and pour it into the flour trough. Stir the flour slowly from the outside. It is important that the liquids get fully incorporated to the four, into a firm dough, which you have to knead a few minutes.
(Personally, I knead a dough by hand, just like my mother used to do. Somehow, it becomes even finer this way.)
If the dough is too hard, just add more milk. If it is too liquid, add some more flour.

Dust the finished dough with a little flour and a cover the bowl with a cloth, put in a warm place for 60 minutes. It should rise beautifully now, until at least double in size.

After the dough has risen, knead it vigorously again. With floured hands, take an average palm-sized portion of dough from the bowl.
Shape it into a nice ball by turning the dough a few times from top to bottom, you want to create a smooth surface. Now rest the noodle on a floured plate for 10 minutes and leave to rise again.

In the meanwhile, prepare a pan:
Let 100g butter, a teaspoon of salt and 300 ml of water simmer.
Carefully insert the dough ball into the hot pan. Cover and let cook about 20 minutes over medium heat.

Caution: Do not uncover the pan until you hear a sizzling frying sound. (If the condensation of the lid drops on the noodle, it might collapse.)
Now remove the lid from the pan quickly, and make sure no water touches the steamed dumplings. The hardest part is now done. If you like to, you can leave the dumplings a little while in the pan, for an even more beautiful, crunchy crust to form.

Now you can serve the region's favorite food with a delicious potato soup or a genuine wine sauce.
For us people of the Pfalz, food is not only about food intake in order to strengthen the body. Eating is a relic of joy and special lifestyle of Palatine. Communicating with friends and family. Candid, fine dining is a law of my home region. When eating, we are drawing strength for daily work, as well as to obtain satisfaction.

Food must not even be expensive. What it takes is a little time and an indescribable love for food. This love is expressed mainly in steamed dumplings/noodles with potato soup and wine sauce.
An old recipe of my family - given from many generations to the next - and traditionally Wednesday is the holy day where Dampfnudel is served.

For about 12 medium-sized 'Dampfnudeln'
For 4 people:

1kg Spelt flour Type 550
Approximately 700 ml warm milk
1 fresh cube of yeast
2 heaped tsp rock salt
100g butter
300ml water
1 pinch of sugar
Weinessiggut Doktorenhof

The recipe is from:
Weinessiggut Doktorenhof
Raiffeisenstr. 5
67482 Venningen
[email protected]

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