Kirchstübels Dornfelder-Cherry cake

Bottom: Mix all ingredients to a smooth dough and press it into a baking pan.

Pit the sour cherries and spread them out evenly on the dough.
Boil Dornfelder red wine with cherry juice, sugar, vanilla sugar and vanilla pudding powder. Pour the topping over the cherries and bake at 160 degrees Celsius for 1 hour. Let cool overnight. Then beat the cream with a little sugar and cream stabiliser, before you cover the topping with it.
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200g flour,
75g sugar,
75g soft butter,
1 package of vanilla sugar,
1/2 package of baking powder,
1 egg

700g sour cherries
375ml Dornfelder red wine, preferably sweet
375ml cherry juice,
100g sugar,
2 packages vanilla sugar,
2 packages vanilla pudding powder
2 cups of cream
a pinch of sugar
2 packages cream stabiliser
Weinstube Kirchstübel

The recipe is from:
Weinstube Kirchstübel
Kirchstrasse 9
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